Angry Birds Star Wars Now Available!

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Angry Birds Star Wars Now Available! 1

If you’re a user of Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8, Mac, or PC, then today’s your day if you love Angry Birds! The highly anticipated Angry Birds Star Wars is now available on those platforms. Sorry Windows Phone 7 users, just like Angry Birds Space, you’ll have to upgrade to Windows Phone 8 to get this game. It looks like there’s different pricing options across the platforms as well. On Android, there’s a free version or a $2.99 HD version. It looks like there’s a $0.99 version for the iPhone, and a $2.99 version for the iPad. The game puts you in control of Rebel birds fighting Imperial Pigs. The game lets players use the force, hack away with a Lightsaber, and take on Pigtroopers as they fight to take down Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Pigs. Luke, Leia, Han, and Chewie also make appearances in the game.

Look for it in your app store of choice today!

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