AdSense Alternatives for 2017

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AdSense Alternatives for 2017 1As a blogger, many of us have a common goal of making our blogs profitable. Besides offering content for our viewers, hosting a blog can also cost money so we usually want our sites to be self-sustaining instead of burning a hole in our pockets. This is where advertising comes into play. Every website is different and has a different niche, so your experiences may vary. As a new blogger, it can sometimes be difficult to get approved for Google AdSense, which is the standard for online advertising. Once you have an account, it can sometimes be difficult to keep an account and Google AdSense could ban or disable your account without much reason. There is an appeals process, but once you’re banned it can be very difficult to convince Google AdSense to reverse that ban. This is where Google AdSense alternatives come into play. Google isn’t the only game in town when it comes to advertising networks.

Adsense Alternatives

When it comes to finding an AdSense alternative that suites your website, you need to consider the type of network (CPC vs CPM) and the average fill rate. CPC is cost-per-click and some alternatives offer high rates for these ads, but your users need to click on the ads for you to earn any money. The other type is CPM, which is cost-per-mille (cost per 1,000 impressions) and you’ll get a rate for every 1,000 times their ads are displayed. Most AdSense alternatives offer a combination of CPC and CPM. The last thing you’ll be interested in is their fill rate. This is their average rates for showing ads per impression. You’ll want to get as close to 100% as possible because if their ads aren’t filled, then you won’t make any money.

When trying any of these AdSense alternatives, you’ll want to keep the ads in your rotation for at least 2 weeks to maximize the ads to your website niche. If you try different networks too frequently, you’ll probably be disappointed in your earnings. You’ll also want to follow each networks policies for the number of ads you can place on each page.

In my experience, I’m leaving out the ad networks that didn’t perform well for me, or displayed questionable ads. There are more alternatives out there, but this is a good starting point.


The first one we’ll discuss is Adversal. I’ve had good experience with Adversal so far. They offer a 100% fill rate and use an RTB (real-time bidding network). Their payouts are NET35 with a minimum of $20. They require you to have your own domain name and have it online for 60 days. You must also have a privacy policy on your site. Traffic requirements are 50,000 page views per month.

Sign up for Adversal.


Next up is Viglink, which offers in-text ads. Viglink will convert keywords in your articles into affiliate links and you’ll get paid based on clicks and purchases. You can enable and disable different affiliates through their control panel. They are minimal ads that work well with other banner CPC and CPM networks.

Sign up for Viglink.


AdBuff is fairly new to the game and they require over 2,000 unique visitors per day and your own domain name. Your traffic must also come from the US, UK, Canada or Australia. If you have traffic from other countries then you’re fill rate will decrease. AdBuff uses an RTB (real-time bidding) system similar to Adversal. As a new player in the game, they’re offering some of the best CPM rates among AdSense Alternatives.

Sign up for AdBuff.


NativeAds is another different type of advertiser, they offer a combination of related content widgets and traditional banners. For more common ads, they also integrate with Google Ad Exchange (ADX), which requires separate approval from Google. Their related content widgets are best places after your blog post content, similar to where your own related posts section would be. They’re also a combination of CPC and CPM with a high fill rate.

Sign up for NativeAds.


Chitika offers a CPM network and they don’t have many minimum requirements to sign up. They offer different levels of accounts based on your traffic and content. Sometimes their fill rate can be low depending on your traffic sources and niche, but it is a good starter AdSense alternative that will get you going quickly.

Sign up for Chitika.


AdClickMedia is another advertising network that offers banner ads, text ads, photo ads, and email PPC (pay-per-click) ads. They offer a minimum payout of $50 and the terms are NET15.

Sign up for AdClickMedia.


InfoLinks offers a wide variety of ads. You can place a single line of code on your site and use their customization panel to turn on/off different ad types. They offer in-text ads, banners, popups, in-frame, and in-article among others. Sometimes their ads can cause your site to load slow on slower connections or computer hardware, so it is important to find a good balance between the number of ads you enable and performance.

Sign up for InfoLinks.

Final Thoughts

I have tried a few of these AdSense alternatives on different sites and they all performed differently based on the audience and website niche. Remember to leave one network on your site for a minimum of 2 weeks for the ads to optimize. There are other AdSense alternatives out there, so I suggest you try some others like, Linkshare, etc. I’m not a fan of popup or pop-under ads, so I didn’t list any of those alternatives here, even though they can offer a high rate.

Have you used any AdSense alternatives? What has your experience been?

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